Wow Customer Service

Wow Customer Service

Wow customer service is the way to go,when you want to build suatainable competitive advantage.We have become a service economy. Yet few organisations are truly delighting or giving that Aha moments. This short video looks at ways to create those little wow moments. As we all know customer is the foundation of the business and also keeps is existence.

It is a bitter truth to note the major reasons why we have attrition is because of attitude of indifference from the customer service representative. Also an average company loses half of its customers every five years and does even know the reason why. It cost between 5-6 times more to attract a new customer. Research has shown we have happy customers tells averagely 4 – 5 others of there positive experience and Unhappy customers tells averagely 9 – 12 how bad it was (all dependent on the network)

We need to create a service attitude which is rooted in doing ordinary things in an extra ordinary way. WOW customer service doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Simple, thoughtful gestures that make a customer feel special are all you need.

WOW customer service happens when you combine empathy and understanding for the challenge the customer is facing, identify and resolve the issue with skill (and bonus points for style), and drive and scale that learning back across the organization.

Here are 5 points that show how you can create wow customer service.

  • Listen
  • Act Immediately
  • Personalize your conversation
  • Keep in touch
  • Show you care

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