Primavera Implementation and configuration-SHELL/SNEPCO

Primavera implementation and configuration was performed for SPDC across the project management office of SPDC AND SNEPCO.SPDC has been using the Primavera software but there was poor adoption of the software,some of there challenges include:

Primavera Implementation and configuration-SHELL Challenges

  • Poor  Standardize project management processes
  • Poor Executive level portfolio analysis,project performance tracking and reporting quality
    Lack of accurate information
  • Poor visibility of project and program performance for strategic planning and decision making
  • Poor efficiency in overall primavera project management practices
  • Lack of visibility between the Global SPDC PMO and the Nigerian PMO team,which necessitated the synchronization of the Nigerian team to the Global team

Primavera Implementation and configuration-SHELL SOLUTION

  • JK Michaels conduct Primavera P6 Health Assessment across the enterprise including competency assessment
  • JK Michaels collected requirements,familiarize with the SPDC primavera global configuration and Project management system ORP
  • We design and develop a customized P6,Primavera training (Basic to Advance) based on the Global configuration of the SPDC P6
  • We delivered training across different work groups of SPDC and SNEPCO ,including senior management,project engineers,maintenance ,administrative,ITe.t.c
  • A P6 Primavera dashboard was configured and implemented for the Senior management for strategic portfolio management and project performance tracking
  • We also design ,develop,print ,implement a standardized Primavera project management templates for SPDC

Result of Primavera Implementation and configuration-SPDC

  • All this lead to an improvement and standardization  in Primavera project management practices across SPDC
  • A customized Project performance dashboard for management
  • Improved adoption of primavera software by PMO team, due to increase skills and knowledge of SPDC Global primavera configuration.
  • Improved Visibility of the Global Pmo team and management of the West Africa SPDC projects.