Project Management Skills

Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional

Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) program is the leading credential for certifying the knowledge, skills and abilities of maintenance, reliability and physical asset management professionals.

Advance Document Control Course

Advance document control course equip professionals to perform advanced Document Control tasks in their daily environment

Effective Project Management

Effective Project Management is a 3-day action-learning course of instruction led by a Certified facilitator in a formal classroom environment.

Lean Project Management

Lean project management course at JK Michaels will equip delegates with analytical capability to improve project performance

Construction Project Management

Construction Project Management provides advanced industry knowledge and new skills to ensure that construction projects are completed on time, within budget, to the appropriate quality standard and to exacting safety requirements.

Information Technology Project Management

Information technology project management training will equip delegates with the techniques to master all the elements and challenges that go into being a top-notch IT project manager.

Oil And Gas Project Management Course

Oil and Gas Project management course training at JK Michaels will equip delegates with the tools and techniques needed to deliver a successful oil and gas project.

Event Project Management

Event management training will equip delegates with the skill of effective planning and ability to prepare effectively, provide for contingencies, and have a flexible and adaptable approach

Certified Cost Engineering

Project cost engineering program will equip participant with the skill and knowledge to control cost in there projects. They will learn the basics of cost estimating, cost control and planning.It is recognised that improving cost engineering capabilities within industry contributes to the development of affordable products and technologies.

Document Control

Document control process framework shortens the product development cycle, improves your quality, reduces the cost associated with unwanted change, and builds integrity into your systems

Planning Scheduling And Cost Estimating

Planning,Schedule and Cost Estimating skills will enable delegates to get there project schedule and budget done right and quantify progress through earned value analysis.

Project Management For NGOs

Project management for NGOs course focuses on strategic planning for NGOs in which flexibility and constant learning is the most important thing. The main emphasis is strategic and project planning using current real-world examples.

Developing And Managing Effective PMO

Developing and managing effective pmo course will equip delegates with the relevant knowledge and skills to establish, operate, and improve a project management office (PMO) and to work with PMO staff in a way that maximizes the value projects produce for your organization.

American Association of Project Management Certification Courses

Certified International Project Manager

Certified International project manager credential validates your project management expertise on an international level.Project Management is growing exponentially.

Certified Construction Project Management

Certified Construction Project Management is a dual post graduate level Master certificate of the University of Atlanta,and American Academy of project management.

Planning Engineer Certification

Certified Planning engineer certificate holders must have a solid knowledge in strategic planning and project planning.

American Association of Cost Engineers Certification Courses

Earned Value Professional

Our Earned Value Professional course workshop takes the mystery out of using earned value management on your projects. This workshop uses our proprietary MS Excel templates to teach you the basics of earned value management

Decision and Risk Management Professional

A DRMP is a senior-level practitioner with business experience in life cycle asset and project management with exhibited knowledge and skills ranging from analytical to socio/psychological to management.

Certified Estimating Professional

A Certified estimating professional is a professional with vital expertise to contribute to the economic evaluation of potential projects by supporting the development of budgets, project resource requirements and value engineering. By applying the estimating body of knowledge as outlined in AACE’s Recommended Practice 46R-11, the Certified estimating professional estimates costs of a determined scope in order to advise management on project funding decisions.

Certified Cost Professional Training

. A CCP is an experienced practitioner with advanced knowledge and technical expertise to apply the broad principles and best practices of Total Cost Management (TCM) in the planning, execution and management of any organizational project or program.

Global Academy of Finance and Management Certification Courses

Procurement Management Professional Training

Procurement Management Professional certification training equips delegate with a strategic approach to procurement that position organization for sustainable competitive advantage by maximizing benefits received in return for spend,therefore professionals need to understand the various elements driving change strategies,ensure cost efficiencies and achieve procurement in a global environment

Certified Data Scientist R Lanuage

At the end of the certified data scientist-R Language training ,delegates will be technically competent in R programming language concepts such as data visualization, exploration; statistical concepts like linear & logistic regression, cluster analysis and forecasting.JK Michaels training in Business analytics & R is an ideal package for aspiring data analysts to gain expertise in data analytics.The certificate is offered by the American Association Of Project Management after passing the certified data scientist examination.

Certified International Administrative Professional

Certified International Administrative Professional (CIAP) designation is offered through the American Association of Project Management and is achieved by passing a certification test..CIAP training programs focus on equipping delegates with the 7 topic areas covered on the AAPM CIAP exam:Organizational Communications;Business Writing and Document Production;Technology and Information Distribution ;Office and Records Management;Event and Project Management;Human Resources and Financial Functions .

Certified Document Control Analyst

Certified Lead document control analyst course aims at preparing Document Control professionals to manage and lead teams of Document Controllers, to manage,analyse and organise document control activities and tasks, to manage stakeholders, to communicate document control requirements and processes, and to run, implement,audit or improve Document Control management systems (procedures, tools, software, etc).

Certified Document Control Professional

Certified document control professional is an international certification offered by the American Academy of Project Management.It validates your skills and experience in document control best practices.Certified document control professional course is a comprehensive, hands-on and very interactive document control training certification course, covering all aspects of document control tasks.

Master Quality Manager

Master Quality Manager training (MQM) program will provide you with a thorough grounding in the theory and application of the various concepts that form the basis of Total Quality Management (TQM).