What is Project Management?

Project management can be seen as the department of applying established principles, procedures and policies to successfully guide a project from conception through completion. Project management requires the application of those principles and procedures as well as tools and technologies to ensure that a project can be completed in a way that meets all articulated outcomes, from spending limits to end goal objectives.

What is Project Management course?

Project management courses are courses that entail the management of projects, i.e. those courses are specially designed to tackle and provide steps to project processes and actualization.

How long is project management course?

Most times people generally assume that project management takes a whole lot of time and it cannot be easily done in a short space of time, but the facts remain that they mix the how long with the what does project management require. Every course has its criteria and this as to be met before being certified so in most cases people mix the certification requirements with how long to get certified.

In a nutshell project management certification is not time consuming but rather it’s the process of taking the exam that consumes more time. Registration and sitting for exam could be done in one month, but in cases whereby the student is new to the gimmicks of project management, there is therefore need for the student to undergo certain classes to ensure that the student is well prepared for the class and can conveniently sit for the exam after which certification. We can therefore conveniently say that project management does not involve a lot of time, it is the preparation that needs lots of time.

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