My People, My Greatest Assets

my people my assets

Organizations can boast of all sorts of resources. It is often said that human resources are different from every other resource you can think of. They are what would make or mar the organization. Your employees should be your assets.The way you treat your staff determines which direction the business is headed. A happy staff will make a customer happy and be sure that a happy customer will come back again with more people. How do you treat your people? Do you treat them as a liability because you pay salaries every month, or do you treat them as an asset that yields returns on investment? It’s your call to decide whether they be assets or liabilities but be assured that it is garbage in garbage out.

Realizing that they are assets will make you see to their welfare and help to achieve their goals which will ultimately help to achieve yours. If you are interested in the business of your people, your people would be interested in your business. Do you know the names of your team members? This is because they are actually your team. Have you ever gone to the shopfloor to check out how work is being done there and be sure the workers are fine. Have you ever walked into the general office and just asked any of the staff how he or she is balancing work and the home front?

You can tell yourself that the worker is there to work and earn a living but don’t be deceived a little deposit into their emotional account would go a long way to boost their morale and make it worthwhile working for you and with you. Making an investment in the people who work for you is making an investment into your business and be certain it would yield its dividends. Ask yourself the question “what are my people?” For me, My people are My greatest Assets.

Mojisola Komolafe is a Project Management and HR Consultant with JK Michaels who helps individuals and organisations get better with managing their projects and getting results. She has over 8 years of experience managing projects for various companies which cuts across Telecoms, Oil and gas, Construction, Banking, Manufacturing and Agriculture. She is certified through PMI and has both the Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner certifications. She does a lot of volunteer services. In her free hours she tries to catch up with the world and her poultry farm.

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