How to become a business analyst is a frequently asked question by those considering a career change, so as to increase their potentials for a higher salary and expand their career opportunities. Business analysis is one sought after certification because of its significant benefits, however, this article trends on simplicity and therefore spells out answer in a few steps.

Answer 1-Study Core Business Analysis Skills

In other to be a business analyst you will need to have these essential skills under your belt as a new business analyst. Because each of these skills have corresponding training classes you can take to further your knowledge:

Documentation skills: this is creating clear, concise documentation is critical. All business analysts are responsible for documenting functional requirements, wireframes, business cases and more.

Analysis skills: Most business analysts spend a large chunk of time analyzing problems and determining solutions. Knowing how to interpret business, software and information workflows will help you advance in your career.

Business analysis tools: As a fresh business analyst, you’ll need to know basic office programs like Excel and PowerPoint and common visual modelling tools like Microsoft Visio. Experience using project management tools is another plus.

Visual modelling methods: All business analysts are expected to use flowchart methods like BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) to analyze, improve and automate business processes.

Elicitation skills: All business analysts run special kinds of meetings called elicitation sessions to communicate project requirements to stakeholders. This helps in understanding how to write effective requirements and run efficient meetings is a crucial business analyst job function.

In the application for business analyst jobs, these skills prove you have the fundamentals to be successful in the position.

Answer 2- Enrol for Business Analysis Training Courses

Even if you’re just entering the business analysis field or you want to earn a professional certification, taking business analysis training courses will help you acquire the advanced skills you need to get ahead. Investing big time in business analyst education should cover a wide range of critical job functions, including:

Writing compelling business cases and requirements documents

Supporting strategic business recommendations with sound budgeting

Best practices in process mapping using the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN)

How to solve practical business problems using Business Process Diagrams (BPDs)

Being proficient in Agile project management

Check out our full list of business analysis training courses.

 Answer 3- Get Business Analyst Certification

In case you’re interested in pursuing a senior analyst role, consider earning a professional certification. This business analysis certifications increase your professional development opportunities in your current organization and can boost your salary by an average of 11 per cent. The renounced International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) offers three certification levels for business analysts.

Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA): Mostly this certificate targets recent college graduates and professionals transitioning careers. By earning the ECBA recognizes that you have entered the field of business analysis.

Certification of Capability in Business Analysis (CCBA): You become eligible for this certification after two to three years of business analysis experience.

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP): Having this certification, proves you are capable of managing and leading in a business analysis role. This is because It requires five or more years of BA experience.

All the aforementioned three IIBA certifications require a certain number of professional development hours. And you can fulfil these hours through approved classes (online or in-person), webinars, workshops and self-directed learning.

This popular Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification is highly recommended for people who want to achieve a senior BA position. And by earning the CBAP demonstrates your dedication to the industry and your ability to lead business improvement projects.

Answer 4- Enrol with JK Michaels to become a Business Analyst

If you desire to become a business analyst, investing in professional training will give you the skills to enter the role with confidence.

Either you want to get certified or add new skills to your profile, JK Michaels offers comprehensive Business Analysis Certification training courses at every expertise level to enhance your business analyst career.

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