Train the trainer training refers to training specifically tailored for a person who will in turn train others on the course materials.


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Train the trainer training refers to training specifically tailored for a person who will in turn train others on the course materials. Therefore, course materials normally include scripts for the training materials to provide trainers with a guide on how and what to explain.

The basic outline of a train the trainer course is as follows

  • Training requirement evaluation
  • Creating Learning Objectives
  • Designing a Course Outline
  • Choosing Training Methods
  • Deciding on Training Aids
  • Developing Lesson Plans
  • Training Practice

Evaluating the training requirements
It’s important to look at the goals of the training and create a curriculum to meet those goals. Those goals become the backbone of the employee training process, they are the requirements for training. Consider what is essential to achieving those educational goals and how the employee trainer can facilitate helping employees learn their new skills, etc.

Creating Learning Objectives
Every step of the way must be plotted out. Training the trainer exercises must relate to the overall goal of helping them train employees. Map a set of objectives that must be learned and integrated by the trainer.

Designing a course outline
Once you have identified the objectives then you are ready to create a course outline. The course outline for training the trainer will form the backbone of what the trainer will be learning. Once the outline is complete, you can then begin the process of identifying what kinds of learning aids and educational materials will be appropriate for the task according to the methods of learning you will choose.

Choosing Training Methods
This is a crucial step in the process of training the employee trainer. There are a variety of training methods. Some involve purchasing coursebooks for home study, while others involve a trainer in a classroom setting, while there are also self-study methods by purchasing software. In some cases one doesn’t need to purchase the software but purchase a license to log on to a server remotely and take the course in that manner. This method of training is via “software as a service” (SAS).

Deciding on training aids
Some of these fall under the rubric of equipment that will be used. Will you need a computer or an overhead projector? Or will a whiteboard do? Choosing your training aids will impact the training session. Effective training aids help to flesh out abstract concepts into something the trainer can visualize.

Developing Lesson Plans
A training course lesson plan consists of the actual flow of the lessons. The lesson plans will incorporate the objectives identified in a previous step and mesh that with the training aids that have been chosen to help meet those goals.

Training practice
It is very important to set up training practice sessions. This involves role playing where the trainer will learn how to deal with employees who are slow to learn, who need to be addressed in a manner that facilitates communication better, and even disruptive or chatty students. There are all manner of scenarios to plan for that a training practice can address. Spontaneous role playing is an important aspect for training a trainer.






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