Project Management Essentials

project management essentials

Project management essentials provides participants with an overview of the essential elements (e.g., selecting projects, planning, managing and control, etc.) of project management and the project management life cycle.

October 6, 2020
8 PDUs


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Project management essentials course provides participants with an overview of the essential elements (e.g., selecting projects, planning, managing and control, etc.) of project management and the project management life cycle.

Organizations are successfully using project management concepts to deal with increasingly competitive markets, financial pressures to improve performance, restructuring, and globalization. Project management essentials course will equip delegates with a structure for dealing with the “faster, better, cheaper” pressures that most organizations are facing. 

Sound project management cannot be left to chance. In the project management essentials course participants gain an understanding of the techniques, practice and new directions for project management; and gain practical experience with approaches to achieving successful project performance. Know the purpose and process of project management


  • On completing this course delegates will:
    •   Understand project characteristics and the benefit of project stages and lifecycles
    •   Be able to identify and manage stakeholders
    •   Be familiar with project success factors
    •   Understand the importance of the Project Charter or Brief
    •   Describe project objectives and create a Project Scope Statement or Project Initiation Document
    •   Have learnt how to construct a Work or Product Breakdown Structure and understand it’s importance in developing the Project Plan
    •   Be able to construct a Gantt chart and calculate the Critical Path
    •   Know the Risk Management Processes and how to create and manage Risk Log
    •   Understand the requirement for a Change Control system and consistent Performance Reporting
  • After an essential understanding in project management delegate may proceed to acquire the Certified Associate in Project Management

Course Outlines

Introduction to Project Management

Definition of a project
Why project management
Project life cycle
Organization structures (functional vs. matrix and borrowed resources)
Translating needs into requirements

Project Selection and Planning

Project selection approaches
Decision methodologies (decision trees, analytical hierarchy process)
Project evaluation techniques
Estimation (costs, schedule and requirements)
Project financing

Project Management and Leadership

Special demands on project managers
Selecting the project manager and the project team
Project communications
Organizational structure (teams and team development)
Characteristics of successful project management
Management styles, leadership and motivation
Procedure management

Project Planning and Estimating

Work breakdown structure
Scheduling techniques (precedence diagrams, PERT/CPM, Gantt and milestone charts)
Budgeting techniques (S-curve, earned value)
Resource allocation techniques (resource loading and leveling)

Risk and Quality Management

Fundamentals of risk (e.g., what is risk?)
Methods for dealing with risk and uncertainty
Risk assessment and management process
Risk Severity Matrix Approach
Risk simulation (Monte Carlo simulation)
Historic roots of quality management
Current approaches to quality

Project Execution and Control

Project execution (configuration management)
Project control (measuring work performance)
Financial controls (activity based accounting)
Integrated cost and schedule control (Earned value)

Who Should Attend?

Project Managers — both new to project management and experience project managers who have not had formal project management training

Project team members
Account managers
Anyone wishing to be more competitive in today’s job market

When delivered in-house, Project Management Essentials is very effective in “jump-starting” a team embarking on a medium to large-scale project.

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