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Procurement Management Professional certification training equips delegate with a strategic approach to procurement that position organization for sustainable competitive advantage by maximizing benefits received in return for spend,therefore professionals need to understand the various elements driving change strategies,ensure cost efficiencies and achieve procurement in a global environment

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September 22, 2020


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Procurement Management Professional Training Course Overview

Procurement Management Professional training equips delegate with a strategic approach to procurement that position organization for sustainable competitive advantage by maximizing benefits received in return for spending,therefore professionals need to understand the various elements driving change strategies, ensure cost efficiencies and achieve procurement in a global environment. The overall goal of the procurement management professional training is to increase effectiveness, efficiency and transparency in the procurement process of participants in their daily work and – in general – at their place of work. This Procurement Management Professional is an intensive 5-day JK Michaels training course designed to meet global changes in transformation leadership, finance and procurement strategies. In today’s world middle and senior managers are faced with increasingly complex “value chain management”. This Procurement Management Professional concentrates on the core leadership strategies, financial implications and sourcing activities.

It is aimed at those who have been in a procurement or commercial role for at least 2 years and are seeking to progress their career and improve their earnings potential.   Graduates new to industry can enter at this level. Typically people who choose this level want to progress into Middle Management procurement roles and build on their experience to earn a higher salary.

This JK Michaels Procurement Management Professional training will feature:

  • Understanding of strategic leadership in the economic context for your business
  • Developing innovation approaches for strategy development
  • Enhancing costs awareness within the value chain and understanding the impact on the bottom line
  • Defining and apply sourcing strategies in line with your organizational goals and objectives
  • Building collaboration and long term supplier relationships
  • Account for each step of the procurement cycle
  • Apply the principles that guide public and non-public procurement
  • Utilize existing international good practices related to all steps of the
    procurement cycle
  • Account for crosscutting procurement issues

Procurement Management Professional Training Course Objectives

By the end of this JK Michaels training seminar, participants will be able to:

  • To understand the benefits of strategies that create and lead change
  • To apply tools and techniques that develop strategic thinking and innovation
  • Implement Analysis and Problem Solving
  • Understand Total Cost of Ownership
  • Develop robust service level agreements
  • Maximising supplier contribution and performance

Procurement Management Professional Course Units

The Procurement Management Professional course comprises of 5 Units, which are delivered using a blend of group interaction, case studies and role plays.  We have a clear objective which is to ensure students are able to relate the learning to practical experience in the workplace.

The five units at this level are:

  • Unit D1. Contexts of Procurement & Supply – The Sourcing process i.e. tendering, added value of each stage. Policies and procedures. Emphasis on systems – P2P & ERP.
  • Unit D2. Business Needs in Procurement & Supply – Types of purchases. Market data and dialogue, Business cases/financial budgets. Specifications. KPIs, contract terms. Pricing arrangements. Development of outsourcing.
  • Unit D3. Sourcing in Procurement & Supply – Intra-company trading/transfer pricing. Selection/award criteria. SMEs, 3rd sector, fair trade. Financial appraisal. Data, e-requisitions, e-catalogues. Safety and Standards.
  • Unit D4. Negotiating & Contracting in Procurement & Supply – Frameworks/mini competitions. Information gathering. Costing, price negotiation. Macro and micro economics.
  • Unit D5 Managing Contracts & Relationships in Procurement & Supply – Environmental analysis. Relationships as a process. Contract terms and limits of liability. Data on the performance of contracts. Responsibilities for contract management. Contract management vs. SRM. Quality improvement
Procurement Management Professional Target Audience
  • Buyer / Senior Buyer / Chief Buyer
  • Purchasing Manager / Procurement Manager
  • Procurement Executive / Purchasing Executive
  • Contract Manager/Category Manager/Logistics Manager
  • Commercial/Supply Chain Director
  • Managers and Leaders involved in major global sourcing activities
  • Finance Professionals involved with major capital expenditure projects
  • Senior Procurement Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Contract and Procurement Managers
  • Senior Buyers
  • Commodity Procurement Specialists
Entry and Certification Requirements

Delegates should have at least 2 years business experience, preferably in a purchasing or supply chain environment, although this is not essential.

Delegates has to be a graduate

Delegates will sit for a 150 multiple choice question in 3 hours and have a 60% to attain the procurement management professional credential.

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