master certificate in construction project management

February 19, 2019
5 days
30 pdus


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Master certificate in construction project management course focuses on the roles of the Contractor and Construction Manager as key participants in Project Execution.The Post graduate certificate is offered by the University of Atlanta,USA and has 12 credit unit,that can count towards an Msc programme.The course addresses the project and business demands of this function, both of which must be understood and properly managed as an integral part of the overall project effort. The various management concepts available to the Owner and Construction Manager for construction execution will be examined and evaluated.The certification is issued after completing the course and exam,by the American association of project management The certification is title certified construction project manager.



  • To examine, in some depth, the specific management processes applied in utilizing construction resources on the project.
  • From the Construction Manager?s perspective to develop knowledge necessary to deal effectively with both the integrative management demands of the project and the profit or business motives of the Owner or construction company.
  • From the Project Manager?s perspective, to develop the insights and understanding of the Construction Manager?s role required to effectively integrate and manage this function as a major component of overall Project Execution.
  • To explore the practical application of specific management concepts, approaches, systems and procedures used to plan, supervise, and evaluate the productive performance of construction resources in a capital project.




The course seeks to develop the skills of postgraduate managers and engineers in the following areas:

  • Enable graduates in management and engineering disciplines to develop their project management skills.
  • Focus upon project planning and control methods within the construction project management process.
  • Extend knowledge of innovative tools, techniques and methodologies in the resolution of complex problems.
  • Develop personal, interpersonal and project-personnel skills.
  • Provide the opportunity for students to complete a range of modules that are relevant to their working environment and general interest in the context of international project management.
  • Develop the student’s research methods and applications.

The following learning outcomes are intended to be met by those students who successfully complete the course programme:

  • Review and develop the principles of construction project management as applied to the implementation process.
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of the project manager, together with the leadership and organisation skills essential to the discharge of this function.
  • Select appropriate decision-making and information management tools for project planning and project control.
  • Identify and select appropriate research methodologies relevant to advanced study in the field of project management.
  • Analyse construction project management problems and provide innovative solutions to working problems scenarios.
  • Investigate the application of quality management systems within project environments.
  • Observe and reflect upon group interaction within simulated exercises.
  • Use appropriate mathematical methods for analysing information.
  • Critically examine, discuss and apply concepts of quality, time and financial management to the process of management.
  • Apply the concepts of construction project management to contemporary projects.
  • Employ the tools and techniques of construction project management to contemporary projects.
  • Develop research proposals into written papers.
  • Organise tasks to meet priorities and deadlines within a project environment.
  • Select from a range of research strategies and tools to undertake an in-depth research project conducted in the field of project management.
  • Extract and collate information in the development and submission of research papers in the field of project management.
  • Evaluate own performance and capabilities

The course ends you 12 credit for an MSc in Construction Management of University of Atlanta and 30 professional development units (PDUs) of the Project management institute

Course Outlines


This course is divided into six modules:

  1. Project Options for Managing Construction

This module consists of one lecture and provides a brief introduction of the course to the students and will review the alternatives available to the Owner for construction execution of a project:

  • Course Introduction
  • Execution Plan
  • Key Driving Forces
  • Project Planning, Control and Analysis
  • Contract Types
  • Incentive Plans
  • Constructions Alternatives
  1. Role of the Construction Manager in the Project Team

This module examines the role of the Construction Manager as a key and integral member of the Project Management Team and defines the scope of construction management responsibility. Topics areas will include:

  • Project Responsibilities, Relationships and Interfaces
  • Forms of Contract and Service Agreements
  • Phases of Construction Management Activity
  • Planning and Organizing the Construction Program
  • Managing the Construction Program:
  • Scope and Quality Control
  • Schedule Control
  • Estimating and Cost Control
  • Scope/Time/Cost Integration
  • Reporting Systems
  1. Managing the Contractor’s Business

This module examines the Contractor’s business with respect to organization, economics, bidding processes, and resultant corporate versus project priority conflicts. It also describes the methods, policies and procedures utilized by the Contractor in establishing and maintaining job control. The module will consist of six lecture on the following major topic areas:

  • Economics of the Business
  • The Contractor’s Bid Preparation
  • Job Control
  1. Labour Relations & Construction Manager’s Perspective

In this module, Labour Relations Law, as it pertains to the construction industry, will be examined. North American (Canadian and Nigerian) Construction Site Labour policies and procedures will be reviewed and comparisons given for unionized versus non-union sectors. Topic areas include:

  1. a) Labour Relations Law
  • Certification
  • Registration
  • Agreement Types
  • Agreement Negotiations
  • Arbitration
  1. b) On-Site Labour Relations
  • Union Jurisdiction
  • Typical Problems and Issues
  • Grievance Handling
  • Productivity Issues with Union Workers
  1. Developing the Successful Claim

This module addresses the issue of construction claims. Through group discussion, perspectives of the Contractor, Owner, and Consultant will be presented. Topic areas will include:

  • Conditions Which Lead to Dispute and Claims
  • Preparing Claim Documentation
  • Analysis and Handling of Claims
  • The Dispute Resolution Process
  1. Major Assignment Presentations

In this module, student syndicate teams, which have been formed in the early portion of the course, present in a summary, the results of their major course assignment. Syndicate teams are expected, through the duration of the course, to:

  • Prepare a plan for the major assignment
  • Carry out individual assignments within the objectives of the major syndicate assignment
  • Prepared and present a syndicate report on the results.



Course Dates

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for construction contractors, architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers and mechanical contractors.

It would also be advantageous for those involved in the business side of construction such as construction company managers, investors and owners, commercial and residential construction professionals and real estate and financial professionals.

Entry Requirements

Master Certificate in Construction Project Management : Entry requirements

What you need to apply for this course

  • Good honours degree (minimum 2.2) or equivalent in related discipline, and/or suitable industrial experience.
  • CV is require

Please note: each application is assessed on an individual basis and may be subject to additional requirements, such as undertaking short course(s), work experience and/or English language qualification(s). Meeting particular minimum entry requirements does not automatically guarantee a place.

The Construction Management project

The culmination of the course is the Project: a major individual research exercise on a topic within the broad area of construction management conducted under the direction of a supervisor.

The major product of the Project work is a written report (dissertation). The topics/titles for this major Project can be chosen from: (a) a list suggested by the lecturers of the course, (b) students’ own ideas/initiatives, or (c) where applicable by a student’s sponsoring company/industrial partner.

There is also an exam at the end of the program.


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