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Major changes are taking place in the way companies are selling and purchasing their products. New skills and leadership are required at managerial level to integrate IT, Sales, Operations, Finance and Human Resources. A good starting point for any company is to understand where it stands in relation to the market transformations and to design its sales process based on that.This course will streamline and optimize the sales value stream process while increasing the customer value.

November 23, 2021
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Lean Sales and marketing will equip delegates with the skill of maximizing customer experience while cutting costs on promotion. The world has changed dramatically. Companies are confronted with customers that have more than ever options to choose from. Also the participation of the customers has changed, going from a following role, submissive to sales processes to a position in which they can determine how they want to interact with their suppliers. They are willing to share their needs and perception, as long as they can interact with the provision process.

Although the world around the marketeers has changed, the role was never as clear as now: focus on value creation to the customer and more focus and differentiation from the competition.

In order to cope with this situation, marketeers are confronted with the goal to supply the ultimate customer-experience while cutting costs on promotion.


Benefits of Lean Sales and Marketing

Lean Sales and Marketing is focused on and driven by CUSTOMERS, internal as well as external. By accepting an outside-in perspective on marketing activities, you can challenge and improve your value chain. JK Michaels has a long tradition in lean processes and has educated and trained important stakeholders and companies in this improvement processes. We will help you to generate an outside-in perspective and to optimize the current marketing activities in order to reach:

·Higher customer satisfaction due to high focus on added value

·Lower cost-to-serve by banishing waste

·A more efficient en effective way of working

You will learn to question the current sales and marketing processes. Lean sale and marketing will give you the tools to do so. It will help marketers to focus on value creation for the customer, internal as well as external. And the continuous improvement of this. All based on best practices, and not on high academic theories.


Lean Sales and Marketing Learning Objectives


At the end of the course you should be able to:

·Understand the key principles of lean sales and marketing

·Understand how applying lean to your sales and marketing process maximizes value through improved decision making and accelerated learning

·Demonstrate how the principles of flow can significantly decrease your time to serve

·Understanding the market strategies and the way they are linked to sales management and execution

·Clear insights in value definitions based on customer input and types of market research

·Understand the basics of customer relationship management as a tool to drive your value-focused process

·Understand the basics of digital marketing as best practice communication tool in companies that drive lean marketing


The course lead to

  • Increase sales,
  • Reduce cost,
  • Maximize profit,
  • Improve customer value
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