October 14, 2020


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LEADING PRODUCT INNOVATION TRAINING COURSE: Innovation Management is the system by which organizations can foster a culture that supports the methodical management of human capital, information, and knowledge to transform new ideas into successful products, processes and services. The pillars of innovation include the collective knowledge, experience and other attributes of organizations and their work force that allow them to convert ideas into viable processes, products, and services that bring economic value and increase their economic competitiveness in the knowledge economy.

This certificate program introduces participants to the elements and attributes of the innovation process as well as the key factors that allow organizations and their workforce to harness this process. It will show participants how this process can turn ideas into successful products, processes or services and add economic value to the organizations and society.

The program is designed to enable the participants to understand the tools, methods and techniques used in innovation management, and consists of three courses, each of which will include lectures by experienced instructors, review and discussions of case studies, and presentations by guest speakers, who have managed interesting and exciting innovation challenges.

To receive the Certificate of Completion, each participant is required to attend all three mandatory courses and attain a passing grade in each. This course covers the foundation topics in innovation management, providing the prerequisites for the next two courses in the program. Participants will learn about various dimensions and phases of the innovation process and explore its place in business and public organizations. The focus will be on the value generated by innovation and its implications in private business as well as in public institutions.



By the end of this course, you will:

1. Understand what Innovation Management is and how it relates to business strategy.

2. Understand how innovation drives economic competitiveness.

3. Understand how macroeconomic indicators play a role in shaping policy.

4. Gain familiarity with the role of organizational structures and strategies in innovation.

5. Understand the enablers and inhibitors of bringing out innovation and creativity of people.

6. Learn the fundamentals of change managements and its relevance to innovation.

7. Learn the fundamentals of intellectual property and its management.

8. Have a high-level overview of innovation in product development and in operations management.


  •        setting clear goal and objectives
  •        effective organisation and management of the process.
  •        effective interaction
  •        support
  •        shared work
  •        communication within the team and with other teams.


1. vision and strategy which is a significant step in the process of institutionalizing innovation.

2. harnessing the competence base that involves organizational competence to manage and allocate resources appropriately in the required areas that is fundamental to ensure innovative output

3. organizational intelligence

4. creativity and idea management, by allowing untested, unrealized and divergent thinking and by accommodating radical idea capable of creating new businesses or transforming existing business strategy





1 Introduction and Innovation Management:

Basic Concepts

Class Introductions 

Certificate Overview 

Course Overview 

What is innovation? 

Innovation Myths and Mantras 

Innovation Vocabulary 

Models of Innovation 

Centers of innovation (Ex: Universities)

2 The Social and Economic Dimensions of Innovation

International Innovation Indices 

Innovation, Productivity and Economic Competitiveness 

Productivity vs. Competitiveness

3 Innovation in Business Models 

“Traditional” vs. Emerging Business Models 

Examples for Innovative Business Models 

Implementing Business Models

4 The Essentials of Product Innovation 

Scale of Product Innovation 

Product vs. Process Innovation 

Examples of Disruptive Innovations

New Product Development Framework

5 The Essentials of Process Innovation 

The Drivers of Process Innovation 

Business Process Management

Business Process Mapping

Management of Change


Topic 6 Mid-Term Presentation/Exam

7 The Innovative Organization:

Structures and Systems 

What Makes an Organization Innovative 

Balanced Scorecard 

People Leadership 

Team dynamics / structures 

Communication strategies 

Intellectual Property Management

8 Leadership in Innovation 

Common Myths About Leadership 

Characteristics of a Leader 

Motivation, Performance, Reward Systems 

Voice of the Customer

9 Managing Change 

Innovation and Change 

Why Change?

What is Change Management? 

Factors in Change – CAP Model 

Creating the Need for Change 

Implementing Change

10 Service Innovation

What is Service Innovation 

Examples of Service Innovations

Closed vs. Open Innovation 

Product or Service?

11 Innovation in Product Development 

50,000 ft view of innovation in product development (Courses 2 and 3)  Stages of Product Development 

3P – People, Product, Process Examples

12 Team Presentation and Final Exam

  • Brand Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Controller
  • Business Analyst
  • Learning/Training Manager
  • ​HR Manager/Administrator
  • Business Manager
  • Digital Strategy Manager
  • General Manager
  • Department Head
  • VP of Marketing
  • Director of Marketing
  • Marketing Manager
  • ​Director of Operations​
  • Business Intelligence Manager​
  • ​Creative Director
  • Product Development Manager
  • VP of Finance
  • Operations Manager
  • Content Manager

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