ISO 9001:2008 QMS Foundation

March 11, 2020
3 days


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ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system foundation training is the recognized International standard, which defines the requirements for a service or product provider to deliver managed services or products of an acceptable quality for its customers. This standard is framework independent. As Quality becomes more vital to organizations seeking to achieve strategic goals on a daily basis, top performing service or product providers need to demonstrate world class service capabilities aligned to strategic goals.
The ISO/IEC 9001 standard for Quality Management Systems allows an organization to demonstrate achievement of excellence and compliance with global best practices for quality Management.
Peoplecert’s ISO/IEC 9001 Foundation level qualification covers the knowledge required for a candidate to prove a solid understanding of the content and requirements of the international standard, ISO/IEC 9001: Quality Management Systems. In short, the Foundation certification covers the knowledge required to gain an
understanding of the content and requirements of the international s t a n d a r d I S O / I E C 9 0 0 1 :
Q u a l i ty Management Systems.
As this is the Foundation level course, candidates will be introduced to the principles and core elements of the
ISO/IEC 9001 standard for Quality Management Systems, and more specifically:

ISO/IEC 9001:2008: the standard which defines the requirements for a Quality Management System.
ISO/IEC 9000:2008: which deals with the fundamentals of quality management systems.

Holders of Peoplecert’s ISO/IEC 9001 Q u a l i t y M a n a g e m e n t S y s t e m s
Foundation Certification will be able to demonstrate their knowledge, ability, competence and understanding in:

  • Definitions and principles of quality management in accordance with ISO/IEC 9001.
    Objectives and requirements in each section of the specification
    Scope, aims and use of the ISO/IEC 9001 Specification and Code of Practice.
    Processes and objectives of ISO/IEC 9001 and Quality management (QM).
    Fundamental requirements for a quality management system (QMS).
    Eligibility and scoping statement requirements.
    Requirements of the quality management system and the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle.
    How assessments, reviews and internal audits of quality Management –

QMS-1.1  Process Approach, Scope, Terms and Definitions
QMS-1.1.1 Process Approach
QMS-1.1.2 Scope of ISO/IEC 9001
QMS-1.1.3 Application of the ISO 9001 Standard
QMS-1.1.4 ISO 9000:2008 – Fundamentals and Vocabulary
QMS-1.2  Quality Management System
QMS-1.2.1 General Requirements
QMS-1.2.2 General Documentation Requirements
QMS-1.2.3 Quality Manual
QMS-1.2.4 Control of Documents

QMS-1.2.5 Control of Records


QMS-1.3  Management Responsibility
QMS-1.3.1 Management Commitment
QMS-1.3.2 Customer Focus

QMS-1.3.3 Quality Policy

QMS-1.3.4 Quality Objectives

QMS-1.3.5 Quality Management System Planning

QMS-1.3.6 Responsibility and authority

QMS-1.3.7 Management Representative

QMS-1.3.8 Internal Communication

QMS-1.3.9 Management Review


QMS-1.4 Resource Management

QMS-1.4.1 Provision of resources

QMS-1.4.2 Human Resources

QMS-1.4.3 Infrastructure

QMS-1.4.4 Work Environment


QMS-1.5 Product Realization

QMS-1.5.1 Planning of product realization

QMS-1.5.2 Customer-related processes

QMS-1.5.3 Design and development

QMS-1.5.4 Purchasing

QMS-1.5.5 Production and service provision

QMS-1.5.6 Control of monitoring and measuring equipment

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