Dynamite Sales Presentation Training

Dynamite Sales Presentation,contract management

Dynamite Sales Presentation Training teaches a salesperson to develop and deliver a clear, concise message that will quickly and

October 14, 2021
3 days


33, Olorunmbe Street, Ikeja, Lagos.   View map

Dynamite Sales Presentation Training Overview

Dynamite Sales Presentation Training teaches a salesperson to develop and deliver a clear, concise message that will quickly and effectively gain the attention of his or her audience. Powerful presentation skills increase a salesperson’s ability to educate and influence audiences. Ideas, products, and concepts must be presented concisely and compellingly.

Sales presentations require special skills and techniques – the average presenter’s loss is the exceptional presenter’s gain. Participants will begin the course by exploring the benefits of a powerful presentation. They then will utilize a formula to create an effective, two-minute opening for a presentation that they will be delivering. Once the openings are created, they will present their opening to the rest of the group and receive feedback from the group on its effectiveness. Participants then will work through a five-step process to develop and prepare an effective message. Throughout this process, they will work on an actual presentation that they will be delivering in the near future. Special focus is directed toward asking the right questions ahead of time so that the presenter has a better understanding of his or her audience and content needs. In addition, participants will learn techniques to add variety, interest, and emphasis for greater audience impact.

Dynamite Sales Presentation Training

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze and address the customer’s needs during the sales presentation
  • Establish and achieve business objectives that will advance and close sales
  • Organize the content of your sales presentation to gain the attention of the customer and create maximum impact
  • Assess and improve your delivery skills, especially presentation techniques to help overcome a fear of public speaking
  • Design and use a wide range of visual aids that are appropriate to various selling situations
  • Interact with customers throughout the sales presentation and handle sales objections that may arise
  • Plan and rehearse for a variety of sales presentations

 Benefit of Dynamite Sales Presentation Training

  • Identify the key elements of a quality proposal
  • Know how to write a winning proposal
  • Perfect your first impression, including your dress and your handshake

Course Outlines

The Sales Communication Process

Vital sales communication skills
Barriers to sales communication
Creating a long lasting impression
Develop active listening skills

Fundamentals of Sales Presentation

Knowing your audience
Understand buyer behavior
Factors influencing buying behavior
Elements of a persuasive presentation

Non-Verbal Communication Skills in Sales Presentation

Enhance the message with body language and gesture
Vocal Enunciation in Speech
Stress and Syllabus
Tonal Differentiation
Creating visuals with your voice articulate
Eliminate powerless phrases and non-words
Face the fear; manage nervousness

Sales Communication Tool Kit

Planning, Preparing and Presenting
Compelling Presentation Techniques
Attention Grabbing Techniques
Closing with impact and inspire action

Who should attend?

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Course Dates

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