Digital Project Management Professional

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September 7, 2021
4 days


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Digital Project Management Professional Course Overview

Digital project management professional is a key skill, projects won’t be successful by themselves. There are often competing priorities, the scope isn’t fully defined and then keeps on growing.

This 4-day  digital project management professional DPMP certification course and one month real life project will provide you with a good grounding in all areas of digital project management. By tailoring an agile approach to digital projects, you will be able to plan your project, handle evolving requirements, manage communications and assess progress.The Digital project management professional -DPMP designation is offered through the American Academy of Project Management USA and is achieved by passing a certification test

Digital Project Management Professional Program

The key starting point for digital project management is knowing what you need to build, when by and for how much. But that’s not enough. During the project, you need to determine if it’s still on track—and if not, what to do about it. You need to keep the team and stakeholders happy. Ideally, you want to deliver the maximum value in the shortest time.

This digital project management professional course covers the full project management lifecycle, including:

Getting started:

• Defining the project and scope

• Prioritising and estimating features

• Planning

• Creating the timeline and budget

• Risks

• Contingency

• Working out the resources you need

• Identifying and engaging stakeholders

• Project kick-off

Development and monitoring:

• Running the project day to day

• Reporting from the team

• Reporting to the stakeholders

• Tracking progress

• Handling change and ‘scope creep’

• Looking out for and dealing with common problems

• Methodologies: Waterfall vs Agile and how to get the best of both

• Timeboxing

• Getting the best from your team


• Reducing risk

• Delivering incrementally

• Successful deployment


• Project management tools

Course Requirements: Use of a laptop or tablet is recommended.

Who should attend?

This digital project management professional course is ideal for managers or marketers who want to discover how project management tools and techniques can deliver projects on-brief, on-time and on-budget. It would also benefit project managers looking for ways to achieve greater business benefit and flexibility, without relinquishing control, and anyone with an expanding web portfolio looking to manage resources more effectively.

Digital Project Management Professional Benefits

How will I benefit?

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

• Quickly and effectively capture and get agreement on project objectives and requirements

• Plan the project so that you know timing, cost and required resources

• Monitor project progress and adapt as necessary

• Handling changes

• Handling stakeholder communications and engagement

• Ensure that the project delivery is of high quality

• Be aware of common pitfalls and how to avoid them

Upon completion of this course, you will also know about:

• How an Agile process can be tailored to managing digital projects

• How ideas from “The Lean Startup” relate to digital projects

• Good practices for team management

• Easy ways to monitor progress and predict if your project is forecast to deliver on time and on budget

• Practical ways to capture requirements using personas, user journeys and “stories”

• Typical project failure patterns and how to avoid them.

What will I learn?

The course is divided into modules, each with slides, discussion and group exercises:

Defining the project

• Anatomy of a digital project

• Defining the project brief

• Initial Scoping

• Target Audience

• Goals, Objectives, Targets and KPIs


• The Lean Startup: Build, Measure, Learn

• Defining the scope and functionality

• Maximising value for money

• Design: what, when, how (and how much to do when)

• Defining an Information Architecture

Program Management

• Risks and Contingency

• Planning, costs and timeline

• Communicating with and engaging stakeholders

Project Management

• Project management methodologies

• Traditional/Waterfall

• Agile

• Using timeboxed “sprints”

• Day-to-day activities

Managing Teams

• Empowering the team

• Maximising productivity

• Monitor and reporting on progress

• Maintaining quality

• Managing and mitigating risks

Tools & Testing

• Project management tools

• Testing

• Preparing for deployment

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