Developing High Performance Through Coaching

developing high performance through coaching

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September 16, 2020
18 PDU


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Developing High Performance Through Coaching Overview

Developing High Performance Through Coaching ,we can enable teams and individuals to be as creative, skilled and internally motivated to achieve results as possible. This course enables managers to learn and practice essential coaching skills and through targeted coaching course follow up, allows them to enhance their own performance and fully connect with the power of coaching

Good leaders make good coaches. The ability to inspire, enable, explain and clarify are qualities and skills synonymous with both. Indeed, coaching is as much a part of leadership as leadership is to coaching.

Developing High Performance Through Coaching Learning Methodology:

This three-day, residential programme introduces participants to the principles of effective workplace coaching. No one begins their career as a coach; however, through experience, practice and application, a range of professional competencies will emerge that will ultimately lead to the central objective in all coaching relationships … improved performance. Coaching for High Performance combines theory with practise, practice and more practice, in an environment of expertise, feedback, support and enjoyment.

Developing High Performance Through Coaching Overall Objectives:

Coaching for High Performance enables each participant to understand and develop a ‘psychological mindedness’ in order to create a higher level of personal competency in their coaching and a heightened understanding of the importance of developing self-exploration, self-observation and self-awareness in those they coach. Through examining and practising the skills and techniques in established coaching models such as TGROW and CLEAR, the programme also develops these techniques further by introducing LtEI’s own CARE© approach to performance which also highlights the all-important outcomes and results by which improved performance will ultimately be measured in the workplace.


Developing High Performance Through Coaching Outcomes and Benefits to the individual:

  • A heightened awareness of the psychodynamics in coaching for high performance
  • A range of coaching skills and techniques
  • An understanding of the personal values and attitudes that define great coaching.
  • Help the people in their teams to achieve more and contribute more
  • Energise and connect people to business goals in a powerful way
  • Manage the performance and develop the skills of others through coaching
  • Develop their own management and leadership competencies through coaching
  • Inspire excellence, fostering potential
  • Develop a coaching culture


Developing High Performance Through Coaching Outcomes and Benefits to the individual Organisation:

  • Improved organisational performance and results.

Course Outlines

Course outline summary:

  • Introductory activity: The business case for coaching and impact on results. Definitions and benefits of coaching
  • Leadership and coaching: Considering where coaching sits in the framework of management approaches and looking at how coaching works.
  • The coaching framework and foundations: A simple framework for the coaching process which will help move teams forward to achieve the necessary goals and outcomes for the business.
  • Essential skills: Tools and techniques to help the individuals within teams align and perform to performance targets.
  • Practical work: Participants work in small co-coaching groups with peer and tutor feedback to practice a full coaching session.

Who should attend?

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Course Dates

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