Developing Effective Business Cases Course

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Developing effective business cases course is designed to provide you with a practical understanding on how to write compelling business cases to best suit organizational objectives and achieve targets.

October 26, 2021


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Developing effective business cases course is designed to provide you with a practical understanding on how to write compelling business cases to best suit organizational objectives and achieve targets. Sharpen your presentation skills and get the stakeholders on your side through our Business case writing training.

Corporate strategy execution depends upon developing and implementing the best solution in the workplace. Success factors however, rely upon basing the solution on the right requirements, drawn from a sound and robust Business Case. A well crafted business case document outlines the rationale for undertaking a business project. It should be a formal, written argument that argues the reasoning to convince a decision maker to approve an intended action.

Developing effective business cases course is an essential skill for business analysts. Decision makers rely on business analysts to develop thorough, objective, accurate business cases to support changes in business processes and supporting business systems.

Business cases, however, are often developed ad-hoc without a formal standardized approach. Presentation and communication of cases is often ambiguous. The result is sub-optimal decisions, missed opportunities and diminished credibility with decision makers and stakeholders.

JK Michaels Developing Effective Business Cases course provides business and IT professionals with the techniques, methods and critical thinking skills to thoroughly analyze, professionally develop and clearly communicate business cases – to decision makers and stakeholders at all levels.

Developing Effective Business Cases course is based on best practices gleaned from the experiences of developing thousands of effective business cases across the spectrum of business and I.T. decisions in both the private and public sector. It’s your roadmap and framework for developing effective professional business cases.

Developing Effective Business Cases Course Objectives

You will learn:

  • To create professional effective business cases
    • To enable better, faster business and IT decisions
    • A standardized framework for developing business cases
    • Private and public sector best practices
    • To work confidently with decision makers and other stakeholders
    • To avoid common mistakes in developing business cases
    • The types of decisions that require business cases
    • To ensure the integrity and credibility of your business cases
    • To communicate and present business cases
    • Visual diagramming techniques for scoping, anal

Developing Effective Business
Cases Course Outline

Introduction and Foundation 
• The case for business cases
• 5 myths of business cases
• The role of the business case developer
• The business case continuum
• Business case framework and roadmap

Scoping the Case
• Problems and opportunities
• Solutions and alternatives
• Decision makers and stakeholders
• Business process and functions
• Supporting technologies
• Business drivers, metrics and KPIs
• Decision criteria
Analyzing the Case from 360°
• Benefit analysis – tangible and intangible
• Cost analysis – direct and indirect
• Risk analysis – intrinsic and residual
• Implementation and change management
• Applying decision criteria
• The value proposition model

Validating the Case
• Scenario analysis
• Alternatives analysis
• Stakeholder impact
• Process, function and I.T. impact
• Alignment with business strategy
• Managing expectations

Business Case – Case Study
Participants develop a business case for a complex real-world business process decision that impacts systems and workflows. This case study provides an invaluable template that participants can leverage to create effective business cases in their organization.

Communicating the Case
• Structures and formats
• Assembling the case
• Getting the executive summary right
• Presenting the case
• Fielding questions and challenges
• Gleaning feedback and revising the case

Practical Guidance

Who Should Attend?
Business Analysts, Business Systems Analysts, Project Managers, IT and business professionals that develop business cases; and managers, staff and other stakeholders that rely on effective business cases and/or are impacted by the business decisions and outcomes of business cases


  • Implement the most appropriate solution for the issue or opportunity, increasing the return on investment .
  • Provide the solid foundation for projects to generate results.
  • Allow organisations to begin to create a reputation for consistently successful delivery of project initiatives, through the enhanced capabilities of their Project Managers and Business Analysts.


  • Participants’ Business Cases will be comprehensive and measurable, assisting executives with good decision making, increasing the rate of successful implementation and returns to the business.
  • Participants will leave the course with a thorough understanding of how to write a Business Cases with measurable benefits.
  • Participants will be provided with tools, templates and guidance for immediate use back in the workplace.