Certified International Administrative Professional

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Certified International Administrative Professional (CIAP) designation is offered through the American Association of Project Management and is achieved by passing a certification test..CIAP training programs focus on equipping delegates with the 7 topic areas covered on the AAPM CIAP exam:Organizational Communications;Business Writing and Document Production;Technology and Information Distribution ;Office and Records Management;Event and Project Management;Human Resources and Financial Functions .

August 3, 2021
4 Duration


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Certified International Administrative Professional Course Overview

Certified International Administrative Professional (CIAP) designation is offered through the American Association of Project Management and is achieved by passing a certification test. Certified International Administrative Professional Training-CIAP training programs focus on equipping delegates with the 7 topic areas covered on the AAPM CIAP exam: Organizational Communications; Business Writing and Document Production; Technology and Information Distribution; Office and Records Management; Event and Project Management; Human Resources and Financial Functions.

This certified international administrative professional course gives essential and in-depth practical techniques that will enable you to excel at your workplace. In Certified International Administrative Professional course, you will learn multi-disciplinary best practices such as how to be a better business writer and a master communicator. This  CIAP course also focuses on the importance of providing exceptional internal and external customer service and the impact of doing this. Moreover, you will thoroughly have the chance to discuss the effects of stress at the workplace and ways to turn stress to an advantage. You will also learn how mastering your effective usage of time will inevitably enhance your productivity and lower your stress level. Another topic you will delve into is organizing and running an effective and professional meeting. Finally, you will learn in detail, how you can improve your phone handling capabilities.

Certified International Administrative Professional Course Methodology

This course uses interactive group and individual exercises, role plays and discussions. Inter-group discussions to share working experiences are also an important ingredient in the process. Skills are introduced and revisited at regular intervals throughout the course to facilitate reinforcement and to help participants remember them. The certified international administrative professional course also uses several self assessment exercises to pin point areas of strengths and improvements as well as action planning to ensure practical implementation of the learning objectives.

Certified International Administrative Professional Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define and understand the role of the office manager and administrator
  •  Create documents, manage computer systems and work with common business applications.
  • Implement verbal and written communication strategies needed for carrying out responsibilities in an effective manner
  • Develop a service attitude and mindset aimed at the internal and external customer
  • List the main causes of stress and apply the techniques needed to control them
  • Apply time management techniques required for better office productivity
  • Organize meetings effectively
  • Conduct business writing, including proofreading and editing
  • Maintain office functions and record keeping
  • Plan meetings, events, and arrange travel
  • Manage projects
  • Engage in or support human relations activities, such as hiring and compliance issues
  • Maintain budgets and basic accounting functions
  • Manage time and other resources for themselves and others
  • Utilize technology, including virtual and mobile, with strong computer and internet research skills
  • Coordinate communications between internal staff and/or external clients
  • Handle telephone calls properly and professionally
  • Communicate within the organization (both verbal and written)

Benefit of Certified International Administrative Professional Credential

Earning your CIAP Certification credentials from Global Academy of Finance and Management USA, demonstrates your aptitude as an administrative and office support professional. It reflects your achievement and commitment to excellence through life-long learning. It’s an investment in your career that shows employers, coworkers, customers, and clients your commitment to the profession.

Earning and maintaining your Certified International Administrative Professional (CIAP) demonstrates your professional knowledge and mastery of vital competencies:

  • Indicates your dedication to your profession and initiative to stay current in an ever-changing marketplace.
  • Shows your employer you are a valuable member of the team committed to professional development.
  • Builds invaluable personal and professional confidence.
  • Provides new career opportunities and a competitive advantage over applicants without certifications.
  • Allows for the potential to earn a higher salary, receive promotions, and/or bonus.

Certification is a cost-effective way to prove that your expertise is relevant and up to date. You’re passing the industry’s measurement of knowledge based on skill assessment and industry competency.

An assessment-based professional certification is earned by meeting several requirements differentiating it from other training or educational programs.

Certified International Administrative Professional Examination Requirements

The three main components are:

  1. A required level of experience and education.
  2. Passing a rigorous exam.
  3. Continued professional development through specific recertification requirements.


Candidates must meet specific education and administrative office support professional experience, which are:

  • Secondary school certificate – 4 years of relevant work experience is required
  • OND/HND Qualification – 3 years of relevant work experience is required
  • Bachelors Degree – 2 years of relevant work experience is required

Certified International Administrative Professional Body Of Knowledge

The CIAP Body of Knowledge has seven domains, each with a specific Performance Outcome (PO) and is worth a designated percentage of exam content. Performance Outcomes are detailed, measurable competencies based on current best practices across a myriad of industries, which commonly employ administrative professionals. Most POs have sub-points that help to further breakdown specific areas of competency.

The domains represent the central and most significant information, skills, and goals the candidate should know to pass the exam.

CIAP Exam Domains

  1. Organizational Communications (25%)
  2. Business Writing and Document Production (20%)
  3. Technology and Information Distribution (15%)
  4. Office and Records Management (15%)
  5. Event and Project Management (12%)
  6. Human Resources (8%)
  7. Financial Functions (5%)

Target Audience

Administrators, assistants, executive secretaries, existing or prospective office managers, senior administrators and supervisors of junior level employees.

Target Competencies

  • Self development
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Business writing
  • Customer focus
  • Self management
  • Time management
  • Meeting management
  • Telephone handling