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Business Networking and Relationship Marketing Training will provide participants with a range of business networking tools

October 4, 2021
3 days


PLOT 21,Peace Avenue,Oshorun Heritage estate,off Channels TV Avenue,OPIC,Isheri-North,Ikeja, Lagos.   View map


Business Networking and Relationship Marketing Training will provide participants with a range of business networking tools and techniques that will allow them to develop a networking strategy and plan to achieve their goals. Participants will develop their business networking skills to ‘work the room’ with confidence, develop relationships and convert them into business.

Relationship Marketing

There is a strong demand for marketers who can combine marketing acumen with analytics and turn insights into leading strategic marketing communication campaigns. This involves capturing and harnessing vast amounts of information to provide insights about how to market to different customers with targeted one-to-one communications. This is the exciting, challenging and growing area of marketing today.



Course Objectives:

By the end of this one day networking for business training course, the participants will have:

  • Understood the full scope and benefits of networking as a tool to raise the profile of their organization, their team and themselves.
  • Prepared for networking events and other networking activity to achieve their objectives.
  • ‘Worked the room’ confidently with starting conversations, keeping conversations going and moving on with ease.
  • Facilitated conversations between others.
  • Removed any mental barriers between themselves and effective networking
  • Create strategic customer relationship-building marketing communications and loyalty building programs.
  • Understand the power of data mining software to extract customer insights to provide the basis of effective marketing programs.
  • Execute, analyze and interpret consumer and market data.
  • Develop and implement effective strategic marketing plans that fit a company’s overall goals.
  • Use industry standard software and develop analytical skills to create professional marketing analysis reports and presentations

Course Outlines


What is networking and why do we need to develop skill around it?
What does good networking look like and feel like?
Review of workshop objectives

Your story

What do you do, who is it for and what is the value customers are happy to pay for?
How to get the other person to want to hear your story and remember key parts?
Group networking exercise filmed, watched and discussed

Understanding the room and working it

How to prepare for a networking event
Identifying who is there and why
How to approach anyone with confidence and purpose
Remembering names

Getting people’s attention

Great questions to ask, when to speak, how to draw people in
Managing first impressions and having charisma
Presenting your story with maximum impact
Group networking exercise filmed, watched and discussed

Getting referrals and following up

Asking for referrals without causing offence
Developing a sense of mutuality and respect
Following up and managing relationships post-event

Workshop evaluation & action planing

Personal action plan for further development
End of course evaluations

Course Dates

Who should attend?

People most likely to benefit:

Technically-minded professionals who have specialist expertise, who now need to network, but lack the skill, motivation or mindset.

Consultants who need to strike a balance between selfish ‘sponging’ and too-generous networking behaviours.

Sales people with frequent client contact who need better skills to leverage potential business opportunities without selling.

Managers with new responsibilities around client-facing activities who lack confidence.

Anyone who has discovered that cold calling no longer works winning new business.