Advance Primavera P6

advance primavera p6 course

Advance primavera P6 at JK Michaels will equip delegates with the project planning and analysis skill ,especially in resource management,cost control,risk analysis and advance project management.

October 26, 2020
12 PDUs


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Advance primavera P6 course at JK Michaels will equip delegates with the project planning and analysis skill, especially in resource management, cost control, risk analysis and advance project management. This advance primavera P6 course provides hands-on training on advanced resource management and project management in P6, Primavera’s Web-based project management application. Topics include creating resource teams and role teams; high-level resource planning; resource levelling; viewing and analyzing portfolio performance; assessing return on investment; capacity planning and waterline analysis; and earned value analysis.

Advance Primavera P6 Course-Resource Management in Primavera P6 – 106R

What you will learn:

Resource Management in P6 Client-Server provides in-depth resource management training in Primavera’s client/server-based solution. Building off skills learned in the basic course Project Management in P6 Client-Server (102), this course covers advanced topics in managing resource allocation, future-period bucket planning, and resource-levelling. Extended case studies at the end of each day provide an opportunity to apply new skills and functionality.

Learn To:
• Use high-level resource planning
• Use resource leveling
• Staff resource requests
• Create resource teams and role teams
• Assess portfolio performance
• View return on investment data
• Conduct waterline analysis
• Use advanced scheduling techniques

Advance Primavera P6 Course Objectives:

  • Define resource rates
  • Assign cost accounts to resource assignments
  • Analyze resource usage using Resource Usage Spreadsheet
  • Edit resource allocation
  • Assign resource lag and duration to resource assignments
  • Track manual curves in the project
  • Set resource-levelling options
  • Store past period performance
  • Run a resource report
  • View portfolio performance
  • Use advanced scheduling techniques
  • Analyze portfolio performance
  •  Manage multiple projects
  •  Create resource teams
  •  Use high-level resource planning
  •  Staff resource requests
  • Create a portfolio
  • Use resource levelling


o    It reduces the risk of project slippage.

o    It reduces the risk of project cost overrun.

o    It helps organizations easily plan and manage project activities

o    It allows organizations to optimize the project plan, costs and resource utilization.

o    It gives a clear visibility of what is going on in the project.

o    Allows organizations gain an easy forecast of costs and schedule.

o    It provides the project schedule and cost variance information.

o    Organizations can easily track project period performance and view past period performances.

o    It enables organizations to standardize method of planning their projects, generate reports, for better collaboration and communication.


  • Increases your job opportunities- Due to worldwide use of Primavera P6 software and demand of its expert users, there is huge number of vacancies available for those who know the use of Primavera P6 software.
  • Serves as a differentiating factor in most industries.
  • Better visibility – everything is included in the program so you can easily see what’s going on with a project at any time.
  • Improved forecasting – having up-to-date information means that you are able to clearly see where there is likely to be overbooked or underutilized resources and you can plan accordingly
  • Instant access – keeping track of progress with time and resources and getting information whenever you need it.
  • Quicker access – using only one system which gives you all the information you need means you save time by not having to refer to lots of different tools
  • Better monitoring – it makes monitoring projects and costs simple by allowing you to track and report on progress instantly
  •  Easier project planning – becoming a proficient Primavera P6 user makes it easier to plan projects, especially large scale or complex ones.

JK Michaels offers other project management software training and PMI project management certifications.

Course Outlines

• Creating Resource Teams
• Creating Role Teams
• High-Level Resource Planning
• Managing Allocation
• Staffing Resource Requests
• Resource Leveling
• Introduction to Portfolios
• Viewing Portfolio Information
• Earned Value Analysis and Portfolio Performance
• Analyzing Portfolios
• Advanced Scheduling
• Managing Multiple Projects
• App A – Managing Project Risks
• App B – Managing Project Issues
• App C – Duration Types
• App D – Calculating Percent Complete
• CS – Two Case Studies

Creating Resources and Roles

• Describe resources and roles

• Describe resource security

• Create a resource via New Resource wizard

• Assign resource codes

• Define resource rates

• Create a role

• Add information in Roles dialog box

• View the Resources window

Who Should Attend?

This course is suitable for Oil & Gas, Engineering & Construction, Energy & Power, Telecommunications and Public sector individuals who are:

  • Executives and senior management staff
  • Project managers,planners/schedulers, controllers,business analyst, team leads, team members
  • Project documentation and support staff


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