Advance Document Control Course

advance document control,advance document control course

Advance document control course equip professionals to perform advanced Document Control tasks in their daily environment

May 16, 2018


Advance document control course equip professionals to perform advanced Document Control tasks in their daily environment.
Through a balanced combination of lectures, workshops, tutorials and peer-review sessions, participants will learn how to better start and finish a project, issue useful reports and statistics on the status of documents, implement and measure meaningful KPIs (*), write fool-proof procedures, raise awareness about Document Control, and formally manage their professional competencies.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop a structured approach to understanding their manager’s needs and to ensure that they meet them
  • Be more proficient in non-routine Document Control tasks and activities
  • Add more value to their teams / departments
  • Contribute more effectively to the success of their organisation
  • Manage their competencies




  • Understand your department manager’s / project manager’s needs and ensure that you meet them
  • Ensure that you are useful and recognized member of the team and that you add value

Setting up Document Control for a new project

  • Analyse requirements (internal, client’s, project management team)
  • Understand the difference of perspectives from the Client’s point of view and from the Contractor’s point of view
  • Plan what needs to be implemented
  • Implement procedures, templates, registers, numbering, distribution, reviews, etc.
  • Prepare for the project kick-off
  • Design workflows

Reporting on the status of documents

  • KPIs (*) and metrics to measure performance
  • Design statistics for the management team
  • Understand users’ requirements
  • Present and communicate meaningful, fit-for-purpose and useful statistics and reports

Writing Document Control Procedures, Specifications, Requirements

  • What makes a good Document Control procedure / requirements
  • How to make a procedure / requirements easy to understand
  • Producing fool-proof procedures and requirements
  • How to formulate formal clauses and wording
  • Create mechanisms for improving / updating procedures

Raising awareness about Document Control

  • Organise straight forward and meaningful inductions for new team members (e.g. engineers, technical teams, etc.)
  • Communicating about roles and responsibilities, processes, procedures
  • Awareness of risks of not managing documents properly
  • Awareness of benefits of managing documents properly
  • Calculating the return on investment (ROI) of Document Control
  • Developing influencing skills

Organising an As-Built documentation package

  •  Analyse requirements
  •  Plan what needs to be done
  •  Documentation preparation and handling
  •  Documentation checking
  •  Documentation delivery

Managing your competencies

  •  Assess your competency level through the JK Michaels DC Competency Matrix
  • Assess how you compare with your peers / other Document Controllers
  • Explore areas for development
  • Plan the development of your skills and competencies


  • Experience as a Document Controller
  • Knowledge of Document Control principles, rules and practices
  • Functional level in English language
  • Attendance of JK Michaels DCC course strongly recommended