Wow Customer Service

Wow Customer Service Wow customer service is the way to go,when you want to build suatainable competitive advantage.We have become a service economy. Yet few organisations are truly delighting or giving that Aha moments. This short video looks at ways to create those little wow moments. As we all know customer is the foundation of [...]
By omololu bello | People Management

Breaking Project News: Whether Good or Bad

Project News might not be exciting especially when it is a bad news. As a Project Manager (PM) have you ever felt taciturn having to tell it as it is and knowing that you are behind schedule?  Maybe it was better when it was a favourable news of how you were able to cut costs by 30%-50% […]

By Mojisola Komolafe | Project Management


RESPONSIBILITIES OF A PROJECT MANAGER The responsibilities of a Project Manager  are very broad but can be categorized as follows: Responsibility to the performing organization Responsibility to the Project and the client Responsibility to the project team   Responsibilities of a Project Manager to the performing organization. This refers to responsibility of the PM to […]

By omololu bello | Project Management

Lean Manufacturing Six Sigma

Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Both lean manufacturing together with six sigma are taking a look at viewpoint or tools that help a company remove profligacy in manufacturing together with many numerous other kind of area. Thought about that the minutes are changing, treatments advancing along with request improving, substantially a great deal a great […]


Expenses Management: Organizational Needs

Any type of kind of kind of sort of type of type of organisation around may create earnings from amazing costs monitoring As your business boosts, you will most definitely most certainly find it furthermore in addition to service warranty superior surveillance together with security of your product and services. What choices are around? You […]


Mental Intelligence: The Online Training For The Future Of Business

It was not till Daniel Goleman presented a number of fast testimonials on its uses in business that the guideline of on the web emotional understanding checks out tape-recorded on. Today, if you finish a substantial company the possibility is that you will definitely be contacted a mental efficiency research study in addition to sticking […]


Internet service Writing Opportunity

Seo Keyword Articles, A Great Home Business Writing Opportunity To Make Real Cash. For every dependable freelance writer that is living the need by reacting to Rolling Stone, Newsweek or Cosmopolitan, there are a thousand others that evaluate being declined after being lowered in addition to start to distress that they will definitely in the […]


Human-Based Workflows together with Project Management Software

Normally, the term has in fact truthfully been used to discuss transactional treatments. These sort of bargain therapy, typically consisting of info between home heating gizmo accordinged to a taken care of collection of demands, ask for very little human therapy. They are generally automated using business treatment protection (BPM) software application or tailored coded […]

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