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Postgraduate CourseOverview/Description

Project management is growing exponentially. It's now used in virtually all industries, such as: government, health care, telecom, IT, education and banking. Effective management is how these organizations streamline to improve productivity. As businesses are restructured, project managers take over many responsibilities. Expertise in project management is a source of security, prosperity and power to many companies. Here are the TCO Terminal Course Objectives and Standards that the AAPM Board has Approved for MPM.

Course Objectives

By completing the Project Management Postgraduate Course, candidates will understand how to:

  •   Improve efficiency & productivity.

  •   Effectively organize and manage projects.

  •   Comprehend the project life cycle.

  •   Master the basic project management skills.

  •   Establish realistic objectives to stakeholder needs.

  •   Effectively implement dependable monitoring techniques.

  •   Better estimate project costs.

  •   Agree on realistic time schedules.

  •   Successfully pass the Project Management Professional (MPM) exam. 

The University of Atlanta’s Graduate Certificate in MPM ™ (Master Project Management) is a premier graduate Master’s certification program. The designation (MPM, Master Project Manager) is designed for, and available to, college educated professionals who manage teams, departments, divisions and for senior project managers and project directors who seek formal recognition. The MPM designation is the Gold Standard within the international arena of Project Management. 

Under the guidance of distinguished University of Atlanta faculty, program participants will examine: 

• Project planning and control
• Project management life cycle
• Effective leadership and motivational Methodologies
• Essential project management tools and techniques 
• Cost-management and risk management

The purpose of Master Project Management is to ensure the project achieves its goals & objectives, by planning, directing, tracking, and controlling, and improving the activities necessary for development and delivery of required products and services. The IPMC ™ Project Management Methodology involves developing plans and maintaining them throughout the project life cycle. Estimates are established and maintained regarding cost, schedule, size of work products, and critical technical parameters. Commitments to project objectives and plans are established and maintained throughout the project. Project participants and stakeholders are identified and organized to meet project objectives. As the project is executed, the project and performance are monitored and tracked in accordance with the plan. Corrective actions are taken as needed to ensure the project will meet its objectives. Continuous improvement is enhanced at all levels.

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Program Objectives:

• Projects are established, maintained, and executed to provide required products
and services that reflect customer and stakeholder needs.
• Estimates of the project’s planning parameters are established and maintained to
support resource estimates.
• Commitments related to the project are established and maintained.
• Progress of the project is evaluated against its plans.
• Corrective actions are taken when appropriate and managed to closure.

MPM Master Project Certification (Board Certification through AAPM)

Successful graduates will be prepared to move forward in a wide variety of project management-related careers, and will have gained excellent preparation for the MPM ™ Master Project Manager - Project Management - Board Certification through AAPM Global Board of Standard. 

Students interested in further study may transfer courses completed with a grade of “B” or better for the certificate directly toward degree requirements for the University of Atlanta’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) or, depending on background and qualifications, the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA). 

Course No. Course Title Credits
MBA 645 Project Management in Enterprise 3
MBA 639 Dynamics of Corporate Strategy 3
EMBA 601 Enterprising Leadership in Organization 3
MPM 700 MPM - Final Project or Exam 3
Total 4 courses 12 credits


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Project Managers
Program Managers
PMO Managers and Directors
Training and Development Managers Operations Directors
Executive Directors
Research and Development Officers
Team Leaders
Senior Analysts
Management Consultants and Other Contractors 

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The quality of facilitation is excellent; the transfer of knowledge is pragmatic. It will add value to any serious participant. 

Tunde Oyediran ,Project Manager Chevron.

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Month Date Duration PDU State Course Fee  
AUGUST 19TH- 24TH 6 DAYS 12 CREDIT LAGOS $2000 Register Now
AUGUST 19TH- 24TH 6 DAYS 12 CREDIT LAGOS $2000 Register Now


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